About Us

About Us:

Smartcollections, the established feminine label known for versatile, graceful and classy jewelry with the ability to formulate creative vision while keeping its products parallel to the casual feel. Our brand aesthetic is to offer distinctive jewelry.

We make it possible through our passion for the gemstones, luscious metals, sparkling color palettes, delightful bold pieces complemented with feminine classic design and clinical workmanship.

We are proud of our leadership position and continually work to improve the awareness and delivery of sustainability within our industry all the way through to the end consumer. Our approach has always been progressive and unconventional.

"Allow everyone to shine in style"

We believe that beauty and confidence come from within. What you wear on the outside is just a way to add to that beauty and confidence and to express who you really are. We go to work every day with influences from all over the world to help everyone have access to this boost of self-confidence and shine with their very own style.

Smartcollections is a reason to be and a reason to go to work every day. So our destination is not necessarily where we are today, but a guiding star for where we want to go.

"Support independent designers"

Our designers are passionate creatives, skilled artisans and, most importantly, they’re real people.
By shopping on Smartcollections, you’re not only getting a great piece of design – you’re helping a small creative business to keep doing what they love.

"Unique designs you won't find anywhere else"

Discover unique design that no one else will own – the perfect finishing touch to your outfit or a special gift that will leave your loved ones delighted.

"Straight-forward shopping"

Buying the perfect piece of design couldn’t be easier with Smartcollections.

Safely order direct to your door from designers worldwide, you will receive tracking updates- so you can relax.